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The Valley Garden

Groundbreaking for the Valley Garden took place in May of 2008.

We continue to build out this $250,000 garden as donations and grants are received. 

Agricultural plants along with domestic ornamental plants were grown and tested through years of exposure to the high desert semi-arid climate challenges. The Landscape Plan for this garden has a central core area of drought- tolerant turf grass. Smaller sub gardens will surround this green space. The grass or “The Yard” will provide space for large gatherings such as weddings, reunions, outdoor classrooms or exercise classes. On the North end of the Garden is Cait’s Corner designed and created as a Montrose High School student project to represent Montrose as a kind community remembering Cait Haynes.

The student custom designed covered Stage was built as a family and community project which anchors the Valley Garden. The Stage provides a protected space for performers, artists, workshops and weddings. The accessible stage is available to all garden users and can be reserved. A large stone bench, butterfly bushes, Russian Hawthorne tree and mini perennial gardens accent the Corner. The North end of the garden features the lilac shrub collection with perennial gardens. On the East side of the Gardens a “living fence” composed of tall evergreen and deciduous trees reduce auditory and visual impacts to the garden and demonstrate how natural elements can be used to “fence out” unwanted views and noise. Two Shavano Valley Plazas have been carved into the berm-ed slope using native sandstone walls to retain the soil. Newly completed patios with donor and memorial Giving Bricks provide quiet introspection. Waves of Grass demonstration area, perennials and walking paths with seating areas will also be incorporated. In the southwest area of the Valley Garden will be the “Scent-sational” garden and a Rose Garden.


The groundbreaking for the Valley Garden began with a $10,000 grant from the Colorado Garden Show Inc. (now the Colorado Garden Foundation). Rough grading was accomplished and soil amendments were added. Since 2008 over one hundred individuals, organizations and businesses have been very generous with their donations of funds, material and in-kind labor and equipment.   Continued support will help us to reach our completion goal within the next few years!

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