History of theMontrose Botanic Gardens

On a warm August evening in 1995, a large group of people responded to an ad in the local paper by attending a meeting to discuss the possibility of creating a botanic garden for the City of Montrose. From that first meeting, the Montrose Botanical Society was formed for the purpose of creating the Montrose Botanic Gardens. A fifty-year lease from the City provided three and one half acres for the gardens.


In 2000 work began to construct an eight-foot wide sidewalk along our northern boundary along with an eighteen-foot wide promenade walkway through the Entry Garden. Over one hundred feet of permanent decorative fencing, paid for with donations, was installed and volunteers and professionals planted fourteen white flowering crabapple trees and hundreds of perennials to complete this garden by the end of 2001.


Landscape Architect, Sara Ungrodt, has designed the 19,000 square foot Valley Garden to be constructed to the east of the Entry Garden. Basic contouring has been completed and the irrigation system is scheduled to be installed by the City of Montrose and the Sandstone contour walls have been built. Funding is being sought for continuing construction of this garden.