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Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is within  the Xeriscape Educational area.  It was constructed in 2004 -2005 with over 200 tons of native Shavano sandstone boulders. It demonstrates the durability and niche preference of various plants- native and non-native.  The crevices and pockets that are formed by these numerous large boulders provide a variety of plant biomes for drought tolerant plants and the birds, butterflies and bees that accompany them. Perennial flowers such as Penstemon, Chocolate Flower, miniature Iris, Banana Yucca, Blackfoot Daisy, Shrubby Iceplant, and Pasqueflower carpet the area. Deciduous and evergreen shrubs along with six species of mid –sized trees are also included in this garden. A 40-foot long water feature traverses through the rock garden. The recirculating water washes quietly down the rounded cobble along while the more angular sandstone lines the sides of the water feature.  Plants grow along the rims edges and along the slopes, blooming at various times of the year. 


Visitors can stop and relax on the benches situated near the water feature and along the compacted gravel trail.

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