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Native Plant Garden

The Native Garden is within the Xeriscape educational area. It was built in 2005 and modified in 2011 to include a flagstone patio with large stones for seating. This patio area was built in memory of  Gretchen Van Reyper, local native plant expert and enthusiast. This garden is surrounded by a compacted gravel path but is also dissected by a cascading flagstone stairway from one of the high elevation points in the garden to the pathway near the sculpture trail. Quite often you will see photos being taken from this area due to the unobstructed spectacular views of our San Juan Mountians to the south. The plants are all native to Colorado and some cross borders between Utah and Arizona.


Native plants can be a challenge to grow, but our goal is to demonstrate their durability and beauty while using less of our precious water. Plants include: Wasatch Maple, Gambel Oak, Side Oats Grama Grass, Singleseed Juniper, our newest Single Seed Ash, Manzanita, four varieties of Buckwheat, Fernbush, Scarlet Gilia, Prince’s Plume, Desert Four O’Clock, Saskatoon and Utah Serviceberry. Plant labels with the scientific and common names are numerous.


This garden is adorned with a bronze sculpture of ‘Joy’, a girl delicately holding a butterfly.  Ella Marolf is the sculptor. ‘Joy’ is on loan by Bob and Pat Brown via the PAX Public Art Experience.

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