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Historical Homestead Garden

As part of the Montrose Botanic Garden’s expansion plan, this new area in the southwest corner will demonstrate the nineteenth century rural cultural landscape of the Uncompahgre Valley.  As an Interpretive Center it will offer educational and demonstration areas illustrating the agricultural and horticultural history of early settlers including a cabin and the restored Jacal structure which was part of the first Homestead in Montrose. An irrigated crop field will demonstrate the agricultural use of the water brought to the Valley through the Gunnison Tunnel project in the early 1900’s and still in use today.

Read more about the history of the homestead HERE.

Total estimated cost for the Project is $83,500.


To date donations and In Kind services and materials have launched this project as of March of 2021.

Additional anticipated future financial sources include grant applications in progress as well as donations .


$ 30,000    Jacal Homestead Interpretive Center &  

                   Reconstruction of Historic Cabin

$ 27,000    Horticultural Components – small orchard, trees,

                   shrubs plants and row crop seeds and starts

$ 20,500    Infrastructure including excavation, grading, 

                   engineering, landscape design and irrigation   

                   including diversion box, irrigation ditches and   

                   piping, City water source irrigation system

$6,000       Soil Preparation and amendments

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