Located in the high desert community of Montrose, Colorado, the Montrose Botanic Gardens are an inspiration and an invaluable educational tool for residents as they strive to enhance a landscape that was once tumbleweed, sage and cactus.


Memberships are a vital part of our continued progress in maintaining and creating the Montrose Botanic Gardens (MBS) for the enjoyment and education of the citizens and visitors to the Uncompahgre Valley.


The Montrose Botanical Society, the development arm of the Montrose Botanic Gardens is a non-profit organization.


All donations to the gardens are tax deductible. Your donation helps make it possible to keep our gardens open to the public for no charge.

1800 Pavilion Dr.

Montrose, CO  81401


Mailing Address:
Montrose Botanical Society
P.O. Box 323
Montrose, CO 81402


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